Titan Talent Acquisition, Inc.

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From your first job to your final career move.

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What we do?

Our talent is finding yours.


Is not an option


We are available to our clients on their time, not ours


Our work ethic speaks for itself

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Why work with us?

Integrity is not an option.
In an Industry that many do not view as filled with sincerity, our integrity is something we pride ourselves on. We pledge to be 100% honest and transparent with both candidates and clients – even when it is not exactly what they want to hear.

We are available to our clients on their time, not ours.
We are working for you so we commit to being available to you after hours when most of the interviews and hiring discussions take place.

Our work ethic speaks for itself.
Whether serving in the military or through sports (Collegiate and Professional), our staff’s work ethic has led them to be very successful individuals that will stop at nothing to help your company’s needs.